Greens mower Tools

The Maredo® Greens mower Tools (GTools) are becoming very popular worldwide. They are mainly used on golfcourses, as they have to be mounted at a triplex greensmower. It turns your greens mower into a greens corer, greens seeder etc.

GT190 Fraze-Groomer

GT210 VibeSpike-Aerator

GT214 VibeDisc-Slicer

GT230 HiSpeed-Corer

GT250 CountRo-Sweeper

GT300 VibeShoe-Roller

GT410 VibeSpike-Seeder

Tractor Attachments

The Maredo® Tractor Attachments (MTools) is a new line. As Maredo calls itself “The HEAD Specialist”, we didn’t have cassettes available that fits behind a tractor for maintaining the larger turf areas. The MTools are taking care of that now.

MT200 Flex-Verticutter

MT210 VibeSpike-Aerator

Maredo STrac 700

MAREDO is proud and excited to launch the new Maredo ST series machines

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